Top 30 Best Beer In India With Price and Details

Top 30 Best Beer In India With Price and Details

Here we talk about best Beer Brands in India that you need to try atleast once.

When it comes to alcohol, there is nothing better than a cold beer. The beer world is infinite, it may be the oldest alcoholic beverage.

Not only does it have an amazing taste, but it also has many health benefits. People drink beer because they find it suitable for people of any age. Beer is everyone’s favorite drink, and the country loves it.

List of the Best Beer Brand In India You Must Try at least once

  1. Kingfisher Beer
  2. Budweiser Beer
  3. Carlsberg Beer
  4. Foster’s Beer
  5. Godfather Beer
  6. Tuborg Beer
  7. Heineken Beer
  8. King’s Beer
  9. Bira 91 Beer
  10. Breezer Beer
  11. Kingfisher Ultra Beer
  12. Raging Bull Beer
  13. Miller Beer
  14. Happy Beer
  15. Kalyani Beer
  16. Guinness Beer
  17. Tsingtao Beer
  18. Knock Out Beer
  19. White Rhino Wit Beer
  20. Dare Devil Beer
  21. Simba Beer
  22. Simona Beer
  23. Sommerweisse Beer
  24. Haywards Beer
  25. Kings beer made in Goa Beer
  26. Royal Challenge Beer
  27. Corona Beer
  28. A Smile of Fortune Beer
  29. Stella Artois Beer
  30. Biggie Brewklyn Beer

Here we describe only 15 best beer in India with details and price that under ₹200 will not burn your pocket.

Most Popular Types Of Indian Beer Brand

1. Kingfisher Beer

This famous beer brand is undoubtedly the “king of good times”. Kingfisher Beer is manufactured by United Breweries Group-led.

This is light beer for consumer. Initially, the taste buds feel bitter and happily linger on the taste buds. Then, add the sweet taste of the malt base to the bitter taste.

Kingfisher Beer Price :

  • Kingfisher Blue Super Premium Beer Price: Rs 100 – 650 ml
  • Kingfisher Premium Lager Beer Price: Rs 100 – 650 ml

2. Haywards Beer

The Haywards beer brand is known for its legendary Haywards 5000 camp, which contains 7% alcohol. The brand was launched in 1974 and, along with Haywards 2000 soft beer, is an extension of the famous Haywards liquor brand (founded in the early 1900s).

The Haywards wine brand was founded by Englishman Sir Anthony Hayward, and his two grandchildren operated bed and breakfast in southern Goa, which is an amazing legacy. The bar certainly serves Haywards 5000. Those who can break the drinking record can drink beer for free.

Haywards Beer Price :

  • Haywards 5000 Super Strong Beer Price: Rs 100 – 650 ml

3. Tuborg Beer

Tuborg is a Danish brewing company founded by Carl Frederik Tietgen in 1873. The brewery was established in Hellerup in Copenhagen, northern Denmark. It is one of the highest-quality beer, and it is loved by people because of its excellent taste and economic price.

Tuborg Beer Price :

  • Tuborg Strong Premium Beer Price: Rs 100 – 650 ml
  • Tuborg Classic Black Premium Strong Beer Price: Rs 120 – 650 ml

4. Godfather Beer

Godfather is the flagship beer brand of Devans Modern Breweries Limited, a brewing company that opened in Jammu in 1961. There are 3 versions of beer to choose from: spirits (7.5% alcohol), lager beer (5% alcohol), and reduced version (4.5). Alcohol percentage).

The Godfather beer is unique in that it has a long brewing cycle that lasts 25 days instead of 12-15 days. This makes his body fresher. You will find Godfather Lager and Lite are more bitter than other beers (such as Kingfisher Premium).

Due to extensive advertising campaigns, The Godfather has become the fastest-growing beer brand in India in recent years and is especially popular among young people.

Godfather Beer Price :

  • Godfather Super Strong High Power Beer Price: Rs 100 – 650 ml
  • Godfather Strong Beer Price: Rs 60 – 330 ml

5. Knockout Beer

Elimination of beer began in 1984 and is particularly popular in Karnataka, Telangana and Maharashtra. The brand’s goal is to “recognize strong men with distinct personalities.”

This malt beer is really fragrant! It has a strong taste and aroma, an alcohol content of 8%, and has a good carbonation effect. The brand owns about 9% of the market and has many loyal consumers in southern India.

Knockout Beer Price :

  • Knockout Beer Price : Rs 105 – 650 ml

6. Kalyani Black Label Beer

The Kalyani black label is one of the oldest lager beer in India (some people will tell you this is the old man’s wine). It is extremely well-known in West Bengal and was released in 1969.

The beer is named after the first joint brewery in Galliani, Caligata, West Bengal. It is popular in East India and Delhi, and has a premium version (soft version) and a strong version.

Kalyani Black Label Beer Price :

  • Kalyani Black Label Strong Beer Price: Rs 100 – 650 ml

7. Kings beer made in Goa Beer

Goa’s charming beach goes hand in hand with King Beer. Unfortunately, this beer is only brewed and sold in the Goa region. The beer has a light malt aroma and an alcohol content of 4.85% by volume. aluminum

Kings beer Price :

  • Kings beer Price : Rs 90 – 650 ml

8. Bira 91 Beer

Bira 91 (the number represents the country code of India) is a new craft beer that is sweeping the Indian cities. Since its launch in 2015, it has become a household name for beer lovers and is the best-selling premium beer in many big city bars

Bira 91 initially used two types of beer, which are much milder than other beers on the Indian market (alcohol content below 5%). Bira 91 White Ale is a low bitter wheat beer with a light spicy citrus flavor, while Bira 91 Blonde is a fragrant beer with hops and malt.

Bira 91 Beer Price :

  • Bira White Beer Price: Rs 180 – 330 ml

9. Budweiser Beer

Budweiser Beer is one of the most popular beer brands in my country. This legendary American beer inspired many beer brands. Budweiser beer is famous for its fresh and light taste, and now it has become synonymous with “beer”.

The main reason for drinking this beer is to take you back to the good old days, because it will definitely make you happy and help you regain your memories. Taste your buds with a well-made burger and fries combination.

Budweiser Beer Price :

  • Budweiser Premium King Of Beers Price: Rs 170 – 650 ml
  • Budweiser Magnum Strong Beer Price: Rs 130 – 330 ml

10. Royal Challenge Beer

The Royal Challenge Premium Lager was launched in 1993 and has an alcohol content of about 5%. The extended beer brewing cycle makes it smooth and has a strong flavor.

The advertisement aims to achieve the fluency of the brand through the line of “I hope your life is as smooth as the Royal Challenge”. It’s not like a delicious hookah black label, but still very peculiar.

Royal Challenge Beer Price :

  • Royal Challenge Beer Price : Rs 120-140

11. Corona Beer

Are you one of those people who hates the bitterness of beer? Then Corona is for you. Corona has been found in Mexico since 1925. A refreshing, mild-tasting, corona is a “cervisa” (Spanish – beer) with a fruity honey flavor and a malt touch. The taste of hips and malt is fresh and well balanced.

Although the drink is not popular with drinkers, it is widely preferred by those who are bitter about the bitter taste of beer. The only downside to drinks is that they are not cheap. In most areas, Corona beer premium is sold at Rs 280.

Corona Beer Price :

  • Corona Extra Beer Price : Rs 280 – 355ML

12. A Smile of Fortune Beer

A Smile of Fortune is a dark fruit melon that contains blackcurrants, Lutowka cherries, traditional red raspberries and Oregon’s Poson berries. The strong bold fruit strikes a balance between sour, tannin and acidic flavors and responsible sourcing of high-quality sweetness.

Fortunately, this mixed fruit melon really smiled, and we thank the result. Perfectly paired with fresh young cheese, pork or chocolate.

13. Stella Artois Beer

Although Belgium is famous for its malt beer, the so-called “table beer” is widely known internationally, but the bottom-fermented Pilsen lager beer such as Stella Artois (Stella Artois) ranks first in domestic consumption, almost accounting for Belgian beer 75% of production.

Beer maker In Bev promotes Stella as an international brand. However, in the Belgian domestic market, it is sold, priced and sold as a regular beer. It is brewed in Belgium and the UK and other countries including Australia.

Stella Artois (Stella Artois) can be provided as a draft, and has a variety of packaging sizes, including 275 ml bottles, 284 ml bottles, 330 ml bottles, 440 ml cans, 50 liter cans, a pint size of “La Grande Biere” (568 ml). ), 66 liter bottle, 70 liter bottle and 1 liter bottle.

14. Biggie Brewklyn Beer

Brewklyn took Brooklyn’s drinking to Bangalore. Interestingly, their beers are named after famous Brooklyn figures.

Due to the staggering number of bars and microbreweries, Bangalore is touted as the beer capital of the country. Over the past 3-5 years, the newly opened beer bar in the town (also IT capital) has grown rapidly.

There are many beer lovers in town, they like to drink different types of beer, and you can find the most popular beer here.

15. Breezer Beer

The breeze has lost all of us to the chastity of alcohol. Have you lost it in the same way? Bacardi Breezer is essentially a fruit-based alcoholic beverage or beer in India, and the percentage of alcohol content varies from country to country.

It has rich fruit flavors and created a beer flavor category, including: peach, apple, lemon, ruby grapefruit, pineapple, orange, watermelon, cranberry, blackberry, blueberry, pomegranate, lime, raspberry, Coconut, mango, and strawberry.

Breezer Beer Price:

  • Breezer Beer Price : INR 120 – 275 ml

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