Top 35 Best Indian Hot Web Series in Hindi Watch Online

Top 35 Best Indian Hot Web Series in Hindi Watch Online

Can’t find something to binge-watch this weekend? This is our first choice among the best hot web series in India, you can start chewing today, it is innocent!

In our selection, we have collected other equally interesting and vivid series aimed at an  audience: from Masterm to Sacred Games.

There are many reasons why web series are popular in India, such as:

  • Available at any time on the OTT platform.
  • It is not time-consuming and can be watched on any weekend.
  • Introduce new and interesting concepts.
  • Produced in local, national and international languages.

Where to watch Online? Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Zee5, Hotstar,  ALTBalaji,  MX Player, Sony Liv, Voot, YouTube, Torrent etc.

List of Latest Hot Web Series in Hindi 2020

Here is a list of the valid Hindi  web series in India, you can take a quick look before checking the details:

  1. Prabha ki Diary
  2. Ratri Ke Yatri
  3. Everything is Planned
  4. Sunny Winter
  5. Virgin Boys (Ullu)
  6. Lalbazaar
  7. Kamya Sutra
  8. Golden Hole
  9. Bhootiyapa
  10. Kasak
  11. Jassi King – The FAKR
  12. Ishq Kills
  13. Pimp
  14. You Me and My Padosan
  15. Size Matters – Season 2 Out Now
  16. Riti Riwaj
  17. Gandii Baat web Series
  18. Jassi King – The FAKR
  19. Ishq Kills
  20. Pimp web Series
  21. Smartphone
  22. Four More Shots Please – Season 1 and 2 Out
  23. Kavita Bhabhi – Season 1 and 2 Out Now
  24. Who’s Your Daddy
  25. Offbeats web Series
  26. Simran : The Lost Soul
  27. XXX Uncensored – Season 1 and 2 Out Now
  28. Shaadi Vivah
  29. Woh Teacher web Series
  30. Class Of 2020 – (Class of 2017) Season 2
  31. Miss Khiladi : The Perfect Player
  32. Made in Heaven
  33. I Love Us web Series
  34. Fuh se Fantasy
  35. Bekaaboo web Series
  36. It Happened In Calcutta
  37. Se.. Chat with Pappu & Papa

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Top Indian Hindi Hot Web Series Watch Online

1. Four More Shots Please

Please shoot four more shots! It is an Indian web series on Amazon Prime Video directed by Anu Menon and Nupur Asthana. In the millennial generation of Mumbai, the four flawless women in life, love, and mistakes discovered what really made them tick in friendship and tequila.

2. Gandii Baat

If you are tired of the same concepts and stories, it’s time to binge Gandi Baat. That’s because the web series showcases the desire in rural India. Most importantly, the series must have broken many stereotypes, only showing the subtleties of such people.

In addition, the series has been so successful that the heroine has actually become one of the most searched actresses on Google. Overeating to understand the other side of intimacy.

3. Virgin Bhasskar

In the comedy genre, Virgin Bhaskar (Virgin Bhaskar) is currently one of the most entertaining entertainment. This story depicts the 26-year-old virgin Bhaskar, who has written great pornographic novels and has unrealized sensory fantasies.

Over time, this becomes exciting because he hides another side from his girlfriend. Virgin Bhaskar is undoubtedly a blend of emotion and intimacy that can make you linger.

3. Made in Heaven

The story of this Hindi online series revolves around two wedding planners whose personalities are very different. Both of them embarked on the motivation of this work, incarnate the traditional aspects of society in a modern way.

As each ceremony passed, they explored the lives of different brides and grooms. The complexity of Indian society provides them with a mirror of self-discovery.

4. Mastram

MX Player created this extremely emotional web series, which contains 10 plots and 10 pornographic stories, which is carried out by a man named Mastram. The story shows the Himalayan countryside in the 1980s, in which the writer decided to share his passionate experience, especially to convey the fantasy of men.

Mastram is undoubtedly the web series you are looking for, because the story does not retain bold scenes.

5. S.. Chat with Pappu & Papa (Indian Web Series)

When educating children about  Indian society is still taboo. This set of Hindi-language online TV shows is broadcast on television, with the purpose of allowing parents to deal with children’s  issues in a fun and inconspicuous way.

The first episode of this Hindi online series starts with a 7-year-old boy Pappu asking his father Anand about masturbation. However, his father decided not to scold him, lest he find something on his own and solve the situation in an interesting way.

Basically, this story revolves around all possible ways to illustrate  themes, such as condoms, masturbation, pregnancy, menstrual cycles in an entertaining, honest and unique way.

5. Mona Home Delivery

The Indian network series was released on the entertainment platform ULLU in 2019. This is the story of a poor girl named “Mona”. Her childhood was full of challenges and difficulties. She didn’t want to spend her life making a fuss.

Therefore, she decided to use her best accessory, namely her body, to realize her dream. Soon, she became a call girl, but her fate was not good for those who chose these paths.

6. Class of 2020

The awesome Indian web series is the sequel to the very famous “Class of 2017”. Usually, the focus of the series is on a school called “De Nobel High School” and a group of classmates. The struggles with teenage problems such as romantic relationships, drugs and  desire are accurately portrayed. It clearly shows a bold and cordial attitude. If you have already seen the 2017 class, please add this classic work to your list.

7. Kavita Bhabhi

Kavita is a young erotic woman who consults men by phone and tells her story to them.

Here you can download best web series. Click the link

8. Hello Mini

The Indian hot web series “Hello Mini” shows how stalkers can disrupt normal life. Hello Mini focuses on Rivanah Banerjee, a self-reliant woman who lives in Mumbai, comfortable and perfect. When she faced the tracking and observation incident, things took an unfortunate turn. There are so many exciting things about this story, which will definitely make you unable to extricate yourself. If you are looking for a fusion of intimacy and pleasure, this is a must.

9. Apharan

The plot of this story revolves around a police officer in Uttarakhand who assisted in kidnapping a young girl at the request of her mother. The motivation for this illegal act was to withdraw money in exchange for girls.

But when policeman Rudra became the final suspect in the murder, the story turned out to be a twist. This hot Hindi language web series is a wholesome entertainment program with a strong storyline.

10. The Bull of Dalal Street

The first season of this Hindi hot web series will be released on the ULLU app in 2020. This story is based on a real event that happened in 1992. It tells the journey of a middle class named “Harshal Mehra” who dreamed of becoming the largest stockbroker in Mumbai.

Its storyline is set on two determined brothers who worked hard to change its label from a scrap living on the street to the richest stockbroker in Mumbai.

The idea of ​​this story is based on Leonardo de Caprio’s “The Wolf of Wall Street”.

How to Download Hindi Web Series?

You can download web series in Hindi from online movie watching apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Ullu, Kooku, Hotstar, etc., and you can download web series from them at any time.

After downloading these apps and registering or sign up, you can download the web series from the app itself.

Final Thoughts :

So these are some of the best web series, and we think they can help you have a good time. Hurry up and join in to add luster to your weekend.

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