Top 15 Most Luxurious Airlines in the World

Top 15 Most Luxurious Airlines in the World

For a long time, flying is not only a luxury but also a necessity. At the same time, the competition among airlines is getting fiercer and they are doing everything they can to provide passengers with the best conditions.

In the race to become the most luxurious airline ever, everything is important-food quality, alcohol level, bedding comfort, inflight entertainment, and attention of flight attendants.

However, some airlines go beyond the scope of providing regular services.

We have collected 15 expensive airlines from all over the world for you. These airlines directly prove that if you are willing to spend money, there is no limit.

Let’s take a look at the 15 most expensive airlines. They offer exclusive in-flight services at high prices, and only the rich can fly.

Most Luxurious Airlines in the World

1. Singapore Airlines $ 23,000

In terms of comfort and privacy on board, Singapore Airlines’ is the best expensive airlines and suite prices range from US$5,500 to US$23,000. Part of the flight has normal seats and some are closed to make room for these luxurious suites, which are located in enclosed cabins and are equipped with single or double beds. Such students can also use stylish bars, spas and à la carte restaurants. There are almost unlimited options for inflight entertainment, but the Internet must be paid separately.

Luxury sits Prices at US $23,000

2. Etihad Airlines $ 29,000

Etihad Airlines is one of the most luxurious airlines in the world, and economy class and business class seats provide higher comfort than most other airlines at the same price, while Diamond First Class is unwavering for your Travel adds luxury. Fares of this type range from US$600 to US$29000. All passengers greet by name, receive a free box of Belgian chocolates, and provide selected food directly to the chef.

Luxury sits Prices at US $29000

3. Emirates $ 30,000

The Emirates first-class suite is one of the most affordable suites, so it is the most popular suite among luxury airlines. The suite is equipped with a double bed, Bulgari welcome kit and a first-class private bathroom with shower. The bar offers a variety of wines and liqueurs, and the staff will pay close attention to all the wishes of travelers.

Luxury sits Prices at US $30000

4. All Nippon Airways

All Nippon Airways (ANA) first class cabins are more like train cars. Each compartment is equipped with a built-in wardrobe and is also equipped with international telephone communication functions, providing passengers with the opportunity to almost completely escape from the outside world.

5. Qatar Airways $ 14,974

Compared to the other luxury airlines on the list, Qatar Airways’ lack of privacy may lower its ranking, but the food and quality service make up for this. There are multiple in-flight entertainment and dining options. The bar is the main attraction during the flight.

Luxury sits Prices at  $14,974

6. Air France

Air France has a small number of first-class seats, only 9 per flight, but they provide maximum comfort for long-haul flights. Since the seats are not closed, privacy is a bit lacking, but the bedding is a bit. The seat can be tilted 180 degrees and is equipped with a large TV screen with Bose earphones for in-flight entertainment. Each passenger is equipped with a set of pajamas, slippers and delicious food.

7. Virgin atlantic $ 21,000

The first-class Virgin Atlantic Airways (British Airways) is one of the best value-for-money first class. The interior is elegantly decorated, the colors are coordinated, and the seats are comfortable enough to stay overnight. Compared with other luxury airlines, the welcome pack is not very powerful, but the food and service are great.

Luxury sits Prices at  $21,000

8. Thai Airlines

Royal Thai First Class is one of the best airlines among the most luxurious airlines. All first-class passengers can use the Royal Orchid Spa and the free bar. The seat can be fully reclined with comfortable bedding and various on-board entertainment facilities. Welcome pack and welcome drink, 2004 Dom Perignon champagne is one of the highlights of this flight.

9. British Airways

British Airways First Class is only available for flights from New York to London and is one of the most affordable flights. All first-class passengers can enjoy amenities such as pajamas, pajamas and slippers, as well as on-board entertainment facilities. The bed is very comfortable and can be tilted 180 degrees. The food is delicious and varied.

10. Japan Airlines: $ 24,000

The Japan Airlines Premium Suite can provide you with the most comfortable flying experience at any time. The interior is decorated with wood, and the chair can be turned into a comfortable sofa at any time. In addition to extra bedding, you can also use bamboo sticks for foot massage.

In terms of food, Jal Bedd Sky Auberge is a first-class restaurant. Upon request, you can taste Japanese or traditional European cuisine.

This ticket will cost you $24,000.

11. Korean Air: $ 27,000

The airline’s slogan is “Find a hotel at 40,000 feet.” The compact chair can easily lie down and unfold with the push of a button; the space can be converted into a comfortable working space at any time if needed. Bose noise-canceling headphones let you forget the outside world and immerse yourself in a 23-inch flat-screen cinema.

All of this comes with 1998 Laurent-Perrier Alexandra Rose champagne and a variety of oriental cuisine.

This ticket will cost you 27,000 US dollars.

12. Delta Air Lines (USA)

Delta One, the top service of Delta Air Lines, is the joy of any gourmet flight. Master sommelier Andrea Robinson combines food and wine to serve passengers throughout the flight. Delta One passengers can also use waist pads and freshly brewed Starbucks coffee. However, compared with the top airlines on our list, even this service is pale.

13. Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand has changed the way of air travel with its SkyCouch economy class seats. The seat has retractable armrests and raised footrests, which when aligned, form a flat surface on which to lie. Economy class is even called the “hug class”.

14. American Airlines (USA)

The world leader in the size of the passenger fleet, American Airlines has recently become an increasingly active player. The Flagship Suites, equipped on all Boeing 777-300ER super-long flights, offer in-flight wine tasting, bedtime preparation (complete with pajamas) and a swivel chair that allows passengers to create a workspace to stay connected even during the flight.

15. Garuda Indonesia

Garuda Indonesia is the national airline of Indonesia and one of the most luxurious airlines in the world.

The airline is rated 5 stars (highest) by Skytrax (an influential airline and airport service provider), and is known for its on-board immigration services (obtaining Indonesian visas on the fly) and spacious first-class seats. (Nearly 2 meters).

In addition, Garuda Indonesia’s flight attendants were rated as “the world’s best cabin crew” in the 2015 Skytrax passenger survey.

10 Secrets of a Comfortable Plane Flight

If you often travel by air or have experienced long-distance flights, then you might imagine how tiring it is. Therefore, Bright Side has collected some useful tips to help you fly comfortably and refresh yourself and rest.

Luxurious Airlines2

1. The best seat in the cabin is by the window

Choose a place close to the window, you will kill a few birds with a stone: first, you can take a nap against the wall; second, the neighbors will not disturb you to go out. Of course, you will get beautiful scenery.

2. Choose comfortable clothes

Gone are the days of choosing the most exquisite clothing to travel by air-prefer comfortable and comfortable clothing that will not restrict your exercise.

During long-distance flights, the temperature in the cabin will change, so it is best to wear “multi-layer” clothing such as T-shirts, sweaters, and sweatshirts. Make sure to bring warm socks with you so you can take off your shoes and stay warm.

3. Take water with you, no caffeine or alcohol

To avoid dehydration, remember to drink plenty of water during the flight. The glasses provided by the flight attendants should not be too big. In order to avoid waiting again, it is best to reserve a few bottles of water.

It is best to refuse beverages containing caffeine: it interferes with sleep and increases dehydration. Alcohol can relieve stress, but it can also cause dehydration and drowsiness.

4. Take care of your face

The humidity on the boat is very low, so our skin is the first to suffer damage. In order not to feel uncomfortable, please follow the tips below:

  • Flow the air from the air conditioner to outside the face.
  • If your skin starts to glow, use cleansing wipes to wipe your face and apply moisturizer.
  • Do not spray water on your face-it will make your skin even drier. Or use a paper towel to blot it dry after spraying.

5. Sit back on the chair

Sitting for a long time makes my legs numb, my back is also very tired, and the seat on the plane is uncomfortable. Put a pillow, rolled scarf or sweater on your lower back, and don’t forget to cover it with a blanket. It is best to ask for pillows and blankets after boarding (sometimes they will run out quickly).

6. Reserve all the comfortable sleep you need

Rather than carrying a useful thing with you on a large airplane, it is better to use a large laptop and a few thick books. With them, you can sleep and relax even in economy class:

  • Earplugs or noise-canceling headphones.
  • Sleep mask.
  • Neck support pillow.

7. Bring healthy snacks

The low pressure and humidity levels on board cause the sensitivity of taste buds to decrease. For this reason, airlines add a lot of spices, salt and sugar to dinner, but this is not always beneficial. Consider the snacks you can take with you on the plane: fruits, nuts, yogurt.

8. Plan your flight

It is useful to divide long-distance flights into small intervals-it doesn’t look that dangerous anymore. You can watch movies or shows that have no time at all, and do things that have been delayed for long time-write letters, write a diary, write an interesting book.

9. Bring your headphones on the plane

Despite careful packaging, the accessories distributed on the ship are usually not new. Used accessories need to be cleaned after the flight and then repacked. This means that from a personal hygiene point of view, they are not completely safe to use, so it is best to bring your own.

10. Traveling in Sportswear clothes

The days of traveling informal clothes are long gone. Personally, I prefer sportswear-they are comfortable, do not hinder exercise, and can easily remove the trowel when necessary.

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