72nd Republic Day 2021 : Quotes, WhatsApp Status, Wishes, Facebook Posts, Messages, Images

72nd Republic Day 2021 : Quotes, WhatsApp Status, Wishes, Facebook Posts, Messages, Images

Republic Day celebrated on January 26 is India’s most prosperous annual national holiday. 71 years ago, the Constitution was passed, according to which the Republic of India was proclaimed on January 26, 1950.

Republic Day is celebrated in India by the widest layers of the population and is accompanied by colorful, festive processions.

Republic Day celebrations in India

Republic Day 2021 in India is celebrated on January 26 every year. This day is significant because it embodies the implementation of the Indian Constitution that India declared as a sovereign, democratic and republic state.

Every Indian celebrates Republic Day (National Holiday) with great enthusiasm and high respect. Indians wear traditional dress like orange, white and green color clothes to celebrate this day with unity and brotherhood.

202126 JanuaryTuedayRepublic Day 2021
202226 JanuaryWednesdayRepublic Day 2021
202326 JanuaryThursdayRepublic Day 2021
202426 JanuaryFridayRepublic Day 2021
202526 JanuarySundayRepublic Day 2021

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Shot History of Republic Day in India

The British established the first permanent East India Company factory in 1612, leaving the first big mark in India. The East India Company continued to dominate the commercial trade in the region until the Indian uprising in 1857. In 1858, the British Empire completely controlled what is now India.

During the British rule from 1858-1947, British India changed a lot. Although the country experienced improvements in transportation and communications infrastructure at the end of the 19th century, it also suffered from periodic famines.

Subsequent analysis of the situation led many to conclude that uneven rainfall and British intervention in the agricultural sector were the most important.

Until 1909, the status of Indians in government affairs was greatly improved. The Morley-Minto reforms that year restricted Indians to the Legislative Council for the first time, helped establish a parliamentary system, and reserved seats in some government agencies for Indian Muslims.

The Montagu-Chelmsford reform of 1919 expanded the influence of Indian citizens in the government, although the reform was restricted by the limited number of voters favored by the United Kingdom and special interests in the provincial legislature.

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History of the holiday

The constitution of the newly independent country that declared India a republic took effect on January 26, 1950. The date was chosen because on January 26, 1930, the Indian National Congress officially announced a declaration of struggle for India’s complete independence from the British Empire.

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Happy Republic Day 2021 : Quotes, WhatsApp Status, Wishes

#1. Pay tribute to our great nation. Hope it becomes more prosperous and great. Happy Republic Day!

#2. We did not gain freedom for a while, but in order to fight for independence, our freedom fighters spent decades and countless struggles. Let us remember their sacrifice.

#3. Have fun and enjoy your freedom, but also think about the countless sacrifices made by our freedom fighters.

#4. Our heroic freedom fighters made us independent. Now it is our turn to defend the freedom of the country.


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#5. Let us guarantee that we will not let the efforts of our brave freedom fighters go in vain. We will work hard to make our country the best country in the world.

#6. Be happy for the glory of the country and remember the supreme sacrifice of freedom fighters.

#7. Our identity should be an Indian, not any caste or religion. Be a proud Indian.

#8. Let us unite wholeheartedly. Never let anyone destroy us. Only then can we be called independent.

#9. May you have the happiness to make you sweet, suffering to make you strong, sorrow to keep you human, and hope to bring joy to our country.

#10. Independence is a beautiful gift from God. May our country remain independent and prosperous forever.

#11. We are both 72 years old together. Young and old. The strength of unity is that we celebrate the 71st anniversary of Republic Day together.

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#12. Be proud of you living in a country with such a long history and tradition.

#13. Now every Indian should forget that he is Rajput, Sikh or Jet. He must remember that he is Indian. -Sardar Patel

#14. If there is a place on the earth where the dreams of all living people have found a home since the earliest era of the dream that humans began to exist, it is India. -Romain Rowland

#15. One country, one vision, one identity. No country is perfect, so perfection is needed. Meri pehchaan mera India

#16. Everyone born in this great land has only one identity-we are all Indians.

#17. We would never know freedom without the sacrifices made by our freedom fighters.

#18. Tribute to our great nation. Hope it becomes more prosperous and great.

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#19. Freedom in thought, power in speech, purity in our blood, pride in our soul, passion in our heart. Let us salute India on Republic Day. Happy

#20. The oath that we Indian youth should take until our last breath will fight terrorism and we will fight corruption. Jai Hind, we will do our best to protect our mother India!